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The 33% Majority

Episode 16 · 11 months ago

Ep. 16 - Teachers, Tyres and Terrible Interviews


Welcome to the best worst episode of The 33% Majority!

In this week’s episode, your 3 nasty chaps (Ash, Alex and Tom) will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing the positive (and strange) impact that good teachers can have on our lives, our reviews of each other (as both hosts and human people), and how to navigate upcoming job interviews (with a dumb 33% spin of course) respectively.

We had a lot of fun recording this one, so we hope you have fun listening.

Alex, you're built like you ate a tire. Hello and welcome to the thirty three percent majority. This is a talk show where you'll find three friends each fighting for their fifteen minutes of fame, and I'm your host. Happy boy, Tom Hutchinson. Alex, that's you. Is it this the bit where I oh my God, yeah, Alex is late for this. Sure has been a day. Okay, no, I think you'll find I'm the host, handily handsome host, Alex Spring Thought Rung again. Right on, Q, it's me, your host, Ashley Hall. Good work, boys, we got through it in the end, did it? We got there. I'm going to pretend like I didn't bollock up the intro the first time around and that I did it in one in the famous words of Limp Biscuit, it's just one of those days. It's all about the he said, she said, bullshit. Yeah, you better quit talking that Shit. You'll be leaving with a fat lip Lord with threatening this. This is a violent episode. And so on. The subject to limp biscuits, I'd like to talk to you both today about the importance of teachers. Oh Fuck me, how is my nere ECK? Did you get hiplash from their white lash, from jumping into a segment quite so early on. Sim Me Your Shit Down, Ashley. Well, I saw the opportunity. I saw limp biscuit as the prime example of a good adult. But I'd like to start before that by asking how oil? Who? How are we? Who? La Fie Wall we follow? HMM, yeah, you know, I'm I'm good. Thanks. How are you, mate across the rooms? Are you like away from your microphone? I'm back at my microphone. Can Real leave that in? Yeah, no, I'm really good. Thank you. A bit scattered today, but how how's Alex? Yep, pretty pretty much here. Fuck it. Pretty pretty much recording a podcast today. You say that. Yeah, usually we start with an anecdote's anybody got? What? Has Anybody done anything? No, I had a shouty, a shouty shower at a man on the bus today. If that's a fun yeah, what did you do right here? What? No, it wasn't me. And so I was on the bus this morning. It was. It was too weird, chilling, big chill in on the way to work and then I take two busters. So I get the first bus to the first place and the second. Most of the second. I was going to name names, but I realized that some people on the Internet creepy, so I'm not going to do that. But yeah, essentially I got the first bus, no problems. A guy three seats across from me is coughing and I'm like, okay, man, that's fine. You know, you're wearing your mask, you're doing your best. You got to get to work. Maybe you smoke. So anyway, the next bus comes, we get on that one and he sits behind me and coughs and I feel it on the back of my neck. No, no, we don't like that. Oh Dude, it was just out of nowhere, I know. I fully like took a second and thought, am I going to say something about this? Yes, yes, I am. So I stood up. Listen here, you Yucky man. I stood up, turn around was like Hey, man, did you just cover your mouth when you coughed, and he went yeah, I went on, not very well, because my next wet, and then he was just like he was like Oh, you should move seats, and I was just like now, mate, your you should move seats. This feels like the a particularly long set up for an urban what the frictionary? Yeah, this is and the word and the word of the day is Prick. In Evan Dictionary it's a picture of that man on the bus with his arm half over his face as he chokes up his breakfast onto the back of my fucking head. That was really mad about it, but I think I've calmed down now. On a related note, I actually went out for for a few drinks back in back in Lincolnshire with with my partner and her brother, which was nice, nice to see him, and we went into one of the most repulsive establishments that there are in Lincolnshire, and I won't name the names, and anybody who knows that the born are it, you of Lincoln Sheer, will immediately know what establishment I'm talking about. I don't. I don't. Tell me. Drop a minute, drop, tell tell the back the masses. Tell me I can get rid of it. I can get rid of it. Like he's gonna go out there and kill the bar you're talking about it. That fire to it, that pub, that pub will burn down tomorrow and I will be in the papers and it won't have been me. I'm not excited to see your name in the news. For one, I thought I would be, but it turns out I'm none. I was in I was in the bad Pud and Alex. you can bleep that out maybe, and...

I was stood at the bar waiting to get a drink and, as I just stipulated, horrible establishment, horrible clientele, and I had my arms crossed, just sort of like you know, waiting, and so you make yourself look hard as nails. Yeah, just absolutely fucking we doesn't say that. The Hem of his jacket lifts up and you can see his rifle hanging into his trousers. He's good, that's not pissed. So it's a full size gun and you just hand the side of his leg pack in major firepower. Yes, he has to walk like a pirate with a WAE. Keep it. You can't bend his knee because the rifle down is right down that trouser leg. It's a flint lock from the fucking revolution. He's got that eight patches of June hanging around as well. He's gotta worth flares. He's got it's just got a road flare gun. Just sorry, tomb okay. And Anyway, the guy stood to my left. So I'm like, I'm my arms are crossed and so my right hand is under my left arm right, so like my arms basically like in my armpit kind of thing. And somehow this guy manages to sneeze on my fucking hand, like even though my arms are crossed. That's not perfect. Yeah, it's the opposite of good. It's a non positive and yeah, well, both of you have done anecdotes now. So earlier this Alex Sneez the well us when I then and what happened after was so I did and after that, you know, yeah, cool, good. I don't know if your seignent right out there, but if, if you actually recorded that bit, that's pretty impressive. If you realize you think so. Good Story. Yeah, it's good story. Yeah, good, you say. Good words, Alex men. I think the moral of that story well, probably like get better signal, grow up, don't fucking air my moral moral, the classical Lashley prank. Yeah, he knows now, and he does it on poor poison. I do it whilst riding a dolphin. Do a podcast then, Ashley. I'm ready now, warmed up. Cool. So, anyway, back to my really smooth the fucking intro on the subject of Limp Biscuit, about good teachers and people that have given you things in your life that you wouldn't have be happy with other otherwise, you know, without limp biscuit, how would I know that? If I have a chainsaw, I can rip your ass. Role. I'm really sorry. You start, you said limp biscuit and I just, I really just tuned out. Sorry, what the Fuck did you say? What was your segment? He wants to know about good teachers. Who wants to know people that have taught you good thing? And Fred Durst taught me all about moving in, moving out, hands up and hands down, backing up and then backing up some more, and he also taught you what you're going to do now. Well, I just kept rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling. What. So that's what Fred Durst taught me. Thanks, Fred durst. You're the people's here, Fred. So that's my secenture. Thanks Fred. Basically, now good teachers and what they can bring to childhood. So asides from I don't mean like good as in they know the subject and they give you the information, like good is in a fash efficient. I mean good is in every child. Are every person I've spoken to you had one experience with a teacher or with an adult when they were young that was so wholesome or so good that they remember it like I remember mine so vividly. It was ten years ago and I only thought about it the other day for the first time in a long time. I'd an English teacher who knew that I really like poetry and after lesson like I'd be in trouble, I'm getting shit and she'd be like, Ashley, can you stay behind? I'd stay behind. She'd give me a light bollocking and then she'd asked me about what I thought about the poetry. Okay, I wouldn't. She would real off your punishment in a great rolling Soliloquy. She would just brings some I am big. Damn, it's onto your detention slive. He will get I am bit on asses now, but yeah, she took me aside a lessons and instead of giving me like a full bollocking, she give me half a bollocking and then ask me what I thought about the lesson. And that's what I thought about the subject, because I wouldn't answer like in class. I wouldn't. I just wouldn't talk because I was nervous as a kid. HMM, and like that gave me the confidence that have an opinion. Yeah, with your example. Specifically, poetry is one of those when you're in a classroom full of people, it's it is quite a vulnerable thing to discuss, because poetry is a motive. So I could understand whing to keep quiet. I school, Adam, a big old loudmouth, though, soart to just said something about how it reminded me of testicles. Yeah, which is why you're the better poet I've I've just remembered, Alex, of a teacher who...

...whose name we won't can still might. You can't steal my story, because I have a story about this exact same teacher. I know exactly who you're about to talk about, but it's our story. You could definitely use the teacher's name. Come on now, credit, where credity? My teacher was called Mrs Maidstone and she was the bomb. Okay, okay, I'll ours are not about they're not. They're not to be as wholesome, I don't think. Oh, if he's gonna get fired, probably don't. Yeah, can you make up a call name for him? Oh yeah, our good friend Clinton. No, I know, Alex, Mr Enemy. That's his real name, you fool. Yeah, that's an it very inside joke of Alex Land. Sorry, I will explain off air. Yeah, it's just take it in turns, then, Alex, because it mostly relates to you, but I don't know how much of the story you wish to relay. So if you want to tell the first part, and only my closest friends know about the story, and all the listeners of this podcast are my closest friends. So take it away, Tom, you as you as you recall it. Okay. So Alex was going through a tough time and Alex, if you want to sort of elaborate there, feel free. No, Tom, you too, Tom Tom, can you tell my story this? Hi, my name is Alex and this is my story. Explicit details allowed, not the incriminating ones, but like the juicy one, the ones that make the story fun. Yeah, but you see, I don't know how to like tell to okay, I don't know how to get it. I don't know. You just start it. You got to start off. You got to do the worst part. I can't say. Okay, those words. Okay, Tom's a coward wants upon a time. I did a foster care there and it was far away and not good. Yeah, okay, that's a good way to put it. So and up, and I was there because of reasons, MMM, and that. And those are all of the juicy details that I told Tommy to tell, but he was too frighted likely interject and say that, because Alex is now told us that he was in foster care, I think less of him as a person, don't we all? Sure the listeners do too. That is no, listeners, if you're here still, if you've not left in disgusted, now normal. You both said that. I thought you were about to say, like, Alex Fucking, I don't know eight. So No, no, like the cause of the foster care was the part in which I wasn't sure whether or not I should say. Anyway, we'll move on from that. Alex was in foster care having a pretty rough time of it, and I was, and hope I still am, his best friend. And sorry, yeah, so it's okay, I'm already killing myself. Anyway, MR enemy, as we'll call in, pulled us into his his office and basically gave Alex and I what we came to refer to as a little shit pass. We got little ship passes, and what that is essentially meant was that all of the naughty things that we did when we were sort of fifteen, sixteen year old. My smoking because it was so like cigarettes. Yeah, and like not going to lessons because we were really cool. skateboard stunts, yeah, in the school. What's sad is you're saying being cool, ironically, but I still do all those things pretty fucking I'm pretty fucking embarrassing on my part, like you're like say, because we thought we were call I'm here, like I knew I was wrong. Those teenagers at the Skate Park lied to me. Yeah, and anyway, we were basically told that any time we were caught doing any of the the naughty acts that we were known to partake in, we would just tell that said teacher to bring us to Mr Enemy and all would be absolved. And it was the coolest few months of my schooling life really. They don't get me wrong, it made the foster care easier because I didn't have to worry about my childlike emotional outbursts of rage and fury where I need storm off and go and do a cigarette and, of course, gateboard stunt just to call myself down. It made those things a lot easier. Mr Enemy did teach me a very valuable lesson and I'll tell my my story as well, like I knew exactly who you were about to talk about, because I had my own story about Mr enemy around the same time. This teacher, he taught me something magical and he inspired me, because what he did was he bought me a pack of Twenty fags and gave me a tanner, which may have been grooming but also sure it. But what that taught me was, and it is a lesson that has gone on to an enrich my life even to this day. It is not what you know, it is who you know, and I knew Mr Enemy and that had my shadows.

Fucking Gospel. Yeah, yeah, very kind of man. It applies to this day. As soon as you leave schools, an a levels happening. Like a levels have happened now, people have got their own. Just just don't even fucking worry about don't even fucking stress it. It's not worth it and it honestly about it. Also, like just fucking lie. Now, don't do that as a joke, but not like fucking tided really well in school. Tom's got so many grades. Me and Ashley we don't. And look at the podcast we're all on together. See, doesn't matter. Tom Is just as low achieving as we are. Just think, no matter how well how bad you do in your in any qualification, at the end of the day you can always start a averagely successful podcast. Yeah, absolutely, keep in mind if you fuck up, if you don't do well, you'll end up in a podcast, but also if you do too well, if you did too well, you might end up in a comedy podcast. We are thirty three percent stakeholders in an internationally renowned audio show. And who else can say that? Really a lot of people. There's a lot of fucking bold chains. I was about to interject with like anybody that has a youtube video on youtube with more than three views. HMM, yeah, have we all uploaded videos to Youtube? A shifew ever uploaded to Youtube? No, absolutely not. Really, I'm not fucking cool. So sixty six, point six six percent of us have done whoops, I'm on Youtube. But who do you think of the three of us has got the most views on Youtube? Just from Alan, allex uploaded in the last ten minute, ten years, ten minutes of lugging me. Alex is live on Youtube. If you want to watch him shower later, you can wait. Alex and I was actually thinking, to be fair, about your Youtube Channel today and I came up with like a really good introphy cheep for you to use on you on your youtube channel every single time. Oh yeah, any ready brainstorm in this for ages, by the way. Yeah, yeah, it goes intro of redness, then darkness, then whiteness. Like thought that would be like really cool that. I think that's quite a good one, because what you could do is you could replicate that really easily every time by putting your like finger over the camera lens, precisely, precisely. And Toby Turner, the alleged racist, what a reference, not racist, I'm at to say a P in there instead of the sea. Whooh, penist he was. He was a very famous. Oh Wow, well, that I was not. I'm not going to make the joke. I'm going to make anymore. Yeah, I didn't know that that was took an the job turn out mouth must have been whenew work kiss Samp me when I asked you not to. Oh Yeah, listeners, me and Alex have been a relationship for some years now, and it's time you knew. HMM, people don't take that seriously. Alex is so far above me league wise, I don't think we would even have a one night stand. I don't you know. I'm glad we're both dudes and he's got a fiance and I've got a beautiful partner. Didn't say anything about my fiance that. I said fiance. I fucking I said You for your beautiful mine was just my fiance. So so, say something lovely about Beth now or you'll cry. Beth is by far and away the coolest human being that you've ever introduced me to. Thank you. Oh, thanks as Oh shit, don't get all over the time today. Didn't mean that time more beautiful and kind. But yeah, cool adults, I'm saved my own skin of moving away. Cool adult. No, you still haven't this. Anything Nice about my partner, please. That has good knowledge of the offside. Rule she does, and there's phenomenal. Agreed, fully agreed. Mine's got the best personality. No, no, no, let's not get into this. I don't yeah, I was gonna say I've got no fucking horse in that race. I don't want to get involved. No, no, you're putting your foot in a real fucking bear trap right there. You better better step on back. Yeah, it's not talk about it, and by not talk about it I mean proceed to talk about it more. Let's go, let's go deeply into this subject and talk could on a set, on a serious note, call a dolts. I've been thinking all day. When you're a kid, a year of your life is like if you're ten, it's one ten of your life. So a days feels a lot longer, and that sense of time transposes directly on to what you think of people's behaviors towards you. Because if, if, if, somebody sits you on the fucking naughty step for a day and you're a you're six years old, that's a day of you. Not a full day, obviously, like like three hours or whatever. And a dark look into my childhood there. But let's map this, math this out that there's somes we can do here.

So six times three hundred and sixty five. If you're a six year old, you've been alive for two thousand one hundred ninety days. So if, okay, this is where my numbers become not good, one day as a percent of two thousand one hundred ninety years time with your grades. No, actually, one one hundred and ninety listeners. If you didn't need when your exams, remember, you won't be able to do this math either in like five years time. I'm just saying your school she remember it. Zero zero five percent. If you set a six year old on the naughty step for a full day of their life, that would be zero point zero five percent of your life. Absolutely and then compare that to like a twenty five year old a day of your life more. So don't actually do the maths. Don't actually do the best people people understand. Christ. Thanks. I'm sure you could just google this. Alex, and I am pretending to do math on a podcast. Has Come to this. It would feel like five times as long. Yes, precisely it. Yeah, yes, so imagine as an adult if somebody said to you, Hey, you're fucking annoying, and then you know as an adult you'd brush it off because you do with that shit like all the time. But as a kid, if somebody says hey, you're annoying, that shit sticks. But if you're a kind adult and you let a kid talk, if they say hey, what's your favorite dinosaur, and rather than going I haven't got time, you go, oh, it's a stegosaurus. I was yours like it takes note. It takes nothing for us as adults and other people as adults to just be knowings matter more to kids, don't they? Yeah, absolutely, rely they do. It's an incredible thing. It's a superpower. I'm telling you, just being friendly. Like the idea that you can't be kind to other you know, when you're at the I'm at the Skate Park quite off and still because I'm going to Stad adult, but let if a kid. If a kid comes down on a skateboard and can't skate and there with a parent, I will walk up to the parent be like, Hey, your kids struggling. I could skate. Can I like kind of go over and teach you kids, and you know how to actually be safe so it doesn't hur himself. I have to ask the parents. mission. It used to be when I was like fifteen, I could just walk up to a nine year I'm like, Hey, man, you're not doing great. Here's what you need to do your meat. Yeah, as an adult I can't do that young. Yeah, but as I don't I can't see before before I sadly sold it. Whenever I wrote my motorbike around and there was a child that would point and wave, just give him a little reft just from room. Hello Child, and the Glee and excitement and joy. Well, that does carry on into like the early S, if you see a man on the street and they point you, motorsyc you. Yeah, I've done that, but they are overjoyed. But, yeah, it doesn't take much to make it kids day, does it not at all. Now and like what I tell what I tend to do is when I've got like loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of Spere lollipops like in my pockets for no reason at all, and that passing passed by a kid Tom Yeah, I just like to Gilt. Okay, no, Nope, I could hear the danger zone not playing in the background, but what Bo Bom bomb to do that one anymore? HMM, no scary undertones, because actually we're only saying you can't do it now because of diabetic kids. Oh, I see. Right, okay, so you were, you are really thinking into that, but actually Alex is just looking out for people's you know. Are they gluten free lollipops? Is the question. Yeah, are they? Are they free rang and friendly for I waited for that one so patiently to thinking there. I was like, wait for it, it's coming. Actually, I like what I like my lollipops, meaty. I. I don't like that sentence very much at all. The coolest thing about being an adult for me, in like a major way, is getting to be that cool adult, is getting to offer you know, I have a house, I rent it, for sure, but if I know somebody's not having a great time, I could be like Hey, d do you need to come over? Do you do you want to save space to be way, I can just leave you in a room, you can hang out, watch TV or, you know, we can actually talk about things. Being able to offer a space or offer my time or even just offer a kind word, a compliment or a smile is one of the greatest things about being an adult and I would argue it's the only thing really that salvage is the experience for me, because it's not great zero to turn on trip advisor. So, to paraphrase you, enjoy the fact that you get to be the adult that you wished you were surrounded by as a yeah, be the adult you needed when you were a child. That's there. That's the break up, that's the comet year. That's just part of the human experience, though, isn't it? Yeah, you're always a you need to always aspire to be the person you needed. HMM. And now to just make sure we keep it as wholesome as humanly possible for the rest of the podcast, shall we try and guess the definition of smutty words from a dictionary? Yeah, that sounds Nice. And Christalan, that sounds perfect. If you got any nice like jingly music that you can play for us? Song? Yep, I'll play that funky fat beat right now. Listeners,...

...this is a segment between segments called urban what the Freak Chinnery? Well, a lot of stank that time. I was a stanky one, tom well, done the stankiest. And in this segment what we do is we take random urban dictionary entries and we try and guess the definition of them before revealing so first one today, guys, is man stand. That's like handstand. Okay, instead of hands, it's man. Is it where Jeffrey Darma keeps his coats? Oh, okay, right, I don't have got the right serial Killo. Is He the guy? That? Is he the guy that good joke. If he's not, that was a way. Yeah, good work. HMM, I don't know actually, but I like you, so good job. No, good one. Today they specified the gender, which makes me think it's probably got something to do with the penis. It's penile based, yes, giving it its urban dictionary. Yeah, so it's either something to do with the penis standing up or it's the way a man stands cause he's got one. I think. Yeah, it man standing. I have a question. Is it when you use your penis as a hat stand, which we've all done? Don't, don't lie to me. For one night, and one night only, my Fedora wore a my pinus were a fedora and greeted everyone with Miladi. Malady had a lovely orange glow, as the Cheeto does reflect the light. It was great. Your penis always wears a hat anyway, though. Actually, yes, I've not for up. Not Been fucking circumstance. Thank you for that. Default skinned. No, you are not defaul skin. You are. Oh, just for skin. I was about to say refor skinned. REFUSK. They took it off, but in my twenties I ask for it back. It's it's a snug bit now but I wonder whether you can. Does does being a rabbi pay? Well, no, but you can keep the tips. Fows. Is it anything to do with that? Wow, probably, now it's not. Shall we find out. If we made a guess. I I think it's using your penis to hold something on, or it's holding your partner upside down whilst they choke on your penis. Oh, that's okay, lovely. I'm yeah, it's probably fucking that. I'm angry about it, but it's probably that. I think it's, you know that film dodgeball, or like something else. I think it's got will Ferrell and it where they talked about doing like cock put no, no, no, it's tenacious. And they talk about doing cock pushups and I'm wondering whether or not it's like a cock handstand, like yeah, that actually, I'm here for that. Okay, Alex, your guess. If it's not that, it's mine. It's actually, is one where it was horrible and heinous and I don't want, I don't want to hear it with my ears. It's that one, probably because on urban dictionary, are we ready? Yes, born, slippery and ready. Oh dear, we went totally the we like if the stop for the correct and dictionary was like where my phone is? We were like, I don't know, probably two countries over. And so the man stand is the act of a man standing outside of a shop while his girlfriend, wife, partner, shops inside. Man Standing involves looking into space at other women or, in the case of multi story shopping centers, leaning over the railings of an upper four to watch the people below by the watching other women. But that was much more wholesome than what than what we said? MMM, we yere. The next time around I'm going to find the most wholesome definition for it, because I feel ashamed of us now. Yeah, now, I like that. I like that from now on we only desk clean and will never be right for a little bit, just for this show, just to balance it out, I know, every show from here on now I'm committing cool. Okay, so maybe actually, in essence, like future episodes, I'll do an urban. What the frictionary? And then you can do an urban. I love this bar and grillth thing. Yet schnary. Now, I was trying to I love Harry, I love my cohosts, question mark and on that note, I so last week I told tale of the horrific journeys and ventures I've had in my car that I don't at the time owned for a week but had for three days because it had going back to the dealership. Well updates, boys, I got it back forward. Your shame. They'd made their repairs. Hey, well done. What twenty five percent of the repairs they told me they do. The other ones they told me they've done, just hadn't boot. It's back in the garage. Good work, buddy. I love that. They didn't even do the things, though, like that's the fucking that's the clinch for me. That will that upsets me because it's like, Oh, yeah, we did the thing, and it's like what you think? I'm too fucking stupid to check side and we will dive...

...down this rabbit hole whole momentarily and needed a couple of different bits and one of the bits was a replacement boost control solenoid located right in the front of the Engine Bay, with no covers on it or anything. It's just right there, and it meant meant the car kept going into limp mode. So I can only do fifty miles an hour, which isn't fast enough to get to the places I want to go at the Times I want to get there at the times I want to miserable. Basically. So they said they've done it and they were adamant they've done it, and I was saying, but you haven't, though, because it's back in limp mode and I've looked under the bonnet and I can see it's an old part. It's literally dirty like year. No, it's definitely been done. Actually, no, I chuck take it to a garage. I've got the chocolate milk round their mouth and they're like, no, we didn't drink it. I can quite easily prove that you haven't done it, because it's here and it's old and it's broken and it's on my car. Can you prove that you have done it? I mean, Mr Springthorpe? No, not really, because it hasn't been done. It's like when your mom asks you to take the kicking out of the Freezer and it's still rock solid when she gets yeah, much like the color of my car. I caught the redhanded. Well, wow, good. Is that any comedy there? Yeah, but I realized I could have avoided all of these issues if I just read the reviews of the dealership, because they're not great. Are you going to read some? No, I didn't want to do a disservice to our listeners, so I thought it's probably about time we review each other so they know what they're getting in for, so that we're they, you know, don't expect one thing and get another thing. We need to be open and honest and review each other. Okay, that was a good I was a good segue into that, by the way, like I thank you, congratulate you on finding the route to that segment. Well done. Thank you very much. It's nonsense. Welcome, welcome to nonsense time. Who of the three of us is the best value for money? Oh, probably me. I'm the cheapest, I think ash yeah, I think she's got the lowest running costs, as she's the handiest as well. Yeah, I'm like mating into his folk May. If you've put me in a room with a mattress, I'm happy. I think Tommy, Tommy, spent too much, too much time in the big city. He's now got expensive taste for fancy wines. I am a city slicker now. Yeah, he's all wines and cheeses. Is Our Tommy, and I don't know what it is about me, because there's no reason for me to be posh, but I kind of am. I buy TESCO. Fine, it's ready meals and that just doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like great value for money. If, as a consumer, I don't think you would want to choose me. You do drink spenny coffee as well, right, you make a very special coffee. That's my only vice. Also, they are we counting that? Because if both me and Alex and Tom, I assume you getting into it. Right, that's something recentably. Well, actually, I I was and I even, you know, bought a cafetier, a fringe press, if that's Caffeti are because, because you're poshtopic caffetier, if you will, and I shall and I will. Yeah, but I got lost in the pool water. So really, you could, you could, you could recover it, and it's still just looked like a full caffetier. Yes, a Poohi keffetier. But that is a good segue into the next segment of our review, which is fuel economy. Because mine's poor. Mine is the best. Mine is awful because what I do is I see a thing and I go, yes, that's probably a double and then I prove it. I have had to cans of fizzy drink for food today. Oh, okay, right, maybe, actually I'm low low fuel economy. I don't need to eat like I'm fine. Now that's high fuel economy. Very good on for your mother. Sounds of things. Actually, maybe I'm in the middle then. Yeah, yeah, and yeah, you want to put low fuel in me. Don't put anything in me to too fizzy or two. Don't put any alcohol in either. I'm not. I don't work well on that. Well, that's like the equivalent of putting diesel in the petrol. Yeah, literally, feed me with greenery, not that kind. I'm I've got the metabolism of like some ethereal elder God, to the point where you can apply me full of anything and everything and I won't gain an inch on my waistline. So if you, if you need to get rid of that, how long until you're hungry again? Because, by the sounds of things, Ashley, you can give him a single peanut and you'll make it last a week. You give me six tons of peanuts and that's it. In fifteen minutes I've just eaten six sons of peanuts. Delicious. Thank you what Time's dinner? Where do you fall in that sliding scale? For you start banning Tom and no in between. I don't know. I don't know, I don't I never eat breakfast, only lunching dinner. You know, I'm for the most part, actually really I make my way through a day until tea time, just fueled by caffeine and and nicotine. Really say, you run a lot better than I do, though, like I have to...

...have like other thing. I have other additives, like I have nicotine and then other kid. So Tom Tom is a highly engineered, probably German, petrol engine, very efficient, lots of things working very quickly together, whereas Ashley, you are an old Russian diesel engine. You will go forever, but you'll sound like a bag of spanners. Do Yeah, I think you're on part. Alex you, you would be Middle Grat. I think Alex, you'd be a Volvo. If you're for a car, I'm Evolvo, but I've got a hole in the side of the engine to anything you put in falls out immediately and I'm ready for me. You just yeah, it just rips off the fumes. I'm a bad broken volve. I think you're an earth destroying Volkswagen and consume only to driver it consumes. Swell, you're a nice Bagallon. Now one, yes, master gallant, yes, just one please. I have them. They're here somewhere, which again is an excellent segue into my next segment, which is build quality. Fuck, not me, I'll tell you that much. I've got steel plates. I've already had welding work. Say, she's got metal work in him. Tom's missing bits. Yeah, Ashley, you're missing bits because you've not got a foreskin. So no, that's my modification, mate, that that was for streamlining. That was for streamlining Aero Dynamics. I could swim quicker now, Tom, why are you missing organ wise he's like Tom's like if you, if you, if you bought a chicken tea Commissala and it came and the box was half empty. That's what Tom is to. Are you missing organs? No, it's just missing abreast's fucking Bruce. So I love that. MISSING HALF A titty? No, no, I'm not missing. No, I'm not missing. You miss a the scenes, but I'm not missing half a tit. I'm missing what you're missing? Half Your tits? No, no, I'm missing one of them. Yeah, of them supposed to have one less of it too. Yeah, so Tommy's chest is a fifty percent majority. That's the one. Yep, it's going to start his own podcasting. Don't don't worry, guys. It's not some kind of sad medical story where he had to have it removed. He was just born broken. He has. You born that way. Alex picked up his titties and said mine, thank you delicious. Think, crunch, crunch straight through those. I think build quality wise, I probably got the best. I don't get me wrong, like my knees hurt all the time, all of my bones crunching, crack, but like I'll solid as fuck. Yeah, there's a lot to me, take a lot to not me over, whereas like a strong gust, and it's if you ever pumped into Alex, you'll know him because not only does he have like a Alex, you have a like a large presence in a room. He's a big fella, but not just in like sighs in character. Alex fills the room when he walks in. He's got this big fucking joyful energy and it just is brilliant. Tom Has the same thing where you either one of you could walk into a party and the atmosphere would change based on you being there. You're both bless your hon and Alex's Ah, he's a presence in any room he is in, and Tom is the same. Sh that's the loveliest thing you've ever said, Ashley. I don't have a segment about wholesomeness, but you get, you get some stars for that time. For a compliment for you, Ashley, I think that you are one of the most caring people that I've ever met. You are very, very selfless, and you tend to give more mental energy to thinking about others than you do yourself, to a fault, and I think that your best qualities of efficiency. It's all, Brad. Thank you saving Tommy, you just trying to get stars. Hang on, are you trying to earn extra stars on the review? You little con artist. Tom's got the stick appeeler next to my board. Use Sneaky boy, just being nice for wholesome points. Can't play the game like that. Thomas Alex, you're built like you ate a tire. Oh, you can't just say that to somebod WHO's fucking he was immaculate. I'm not even mad. So horrid speed of it, like just to Oh, I need a minute. That was fucking brutal.

I love that. Thank you. That's that's the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Alex just got murdered in front of a couple of thousand people. I just got cyber believe. Yeah, I just wanted to bring it back from the wholesomeness. I'm so sorry. I might have gone to let like too far outfield. You did it, but well, well done. No, really brought us back down to Earth with that one. Yeah, sorry about that. fucking hurts. Existing hurts right now. Have you guys ever seen the one be murder as hard as that? Know that Film District Nine? Oh, yes, I have. Yeah, fucking prawns. Yeah, so I'm built like a prawn, like from that film. That's fairly accurate. Yep, Alex, of course, hasn't seen the film. So the bird sits behind. I look like said, the sloth if you hit him from behind with a shovel, like all the speeches, like the Mitchell in man shit cousin, yes, you do, and the R man. After a puncture, it's pretty embarrassing. Google quickly and we can do it roast a lot because I've got some fucking Amo, like I'm trying to be home to them. Like, yeah, it's called episodes one through whatever the fuck. This is only if your meaning bastards. No, actually, I think you're fine pretty much. We all get it. Remember when Tom said it's fucking beautiful. Sorry, sorry, Alex, I need a minute. Honestly, that yeah, you ruined me, Tom, if it makes you feel better, just google and district nine prawn, like the fish prawn. Just Google that, I said. That's what I look like. I'm googling something to you, but it's not that I don't talk. This this man's too rugged to be you. I don't know. No, no, the prawn. Is it? Because it's hey, Tom, Tom, yeah, prawns aren't fish, they're crustaceans. Okay, get get roasted. Tommy, bad, you just got got by the prank. Myister. Did I say fish? Google, Google, prawn like the fish. Fish aren't prawns. All I did say that Ashall strikes again with a classic prank. This roast episode is going swimmingly. Can I move on with my review now? We done? Can we be kindly short on time? Buddy, you're short on time, so I want to pick the feeder. Never got one. Fifty Eight, hundred and fifty seven to fifty six seconds. Okay, I don't know now the pressure is getting to me. I don't have got a minute. Be Quick, I'm too hard for for you. Seven knows can't do this. Five for it. Okay, when buying a car, an important consideration is looks. I'll just bow out now. Kids, I look like a French pedophile. Okay, okay, as looks like the have you seen this man? He does as, you look like a last Ketch as. You look like a cryptic, low quality picture on the West Midlands Police facebook page. I can't believe that just happened. So it's between me and Tom Yeah, I so going to bow out because I think I look like my hair looks like Lego hair. That's fair. That's a very fair observation. Tell you do look like what would happen if Lego made the Milky Bar Kid? I was gonna say, you look let you go, just like the Milky Bar kid got ran over by a steamroller. Oh okay, I thought you were going to say that I was strong and tough and only the best is good enough. So, Ladies and gentlemen, your most handsome host by default Alex Brice. Yeah, other two disqualified. I've got a beard, which just gives me a plus two to deception. Yeah, it's very true. If you shave your beard you'd look like Slough from the Guinea. And a minus three to hygiene. Sorts in it, all sorts of special I have a mustache. Just that count a mustache is gross and Jeremy, yes, well, but just the bumper. But but that was my rendition, because it's time for urban heaven. Looked a freak sharing again. I need a moment to just resset just I'm gonna sit back. You guys figure it out. I need to cool laugh. I need to fan myself that that last segment was a lot. Okay, I'm sorry. It was a good segment, by the way. It's great the the urban what the frictionary...

...entry for this put in between segment is check sting. So that's texting, but instead of a t it's an s and then a H. Shank sting. I'm back. I'm describing your shit whilst messages as it's got to be wholesome. Now it's got to be nice, we said, and stay complimenting somebody so much they orgasm. Oh okay, which is easily easily doing it for me, by the way, that's like a whole thing for me. So dmme company's check checks thing. It sounds like what you could you would find a schexting shotgun in like a farmer's gun locker. Definitely it's a it's a manufacturer of something, the Schexting and Co chexting and son. Okay. Well, my thought is that the s and the h stand for sweet, wholesome and texting sweet whole haxting wholesome with a h. Yes, that's exactly, because that's how right felt. That's somehow worse, because now it makes it sound like full of whole celts, sweet wholesome. No, it's also it's got. That's how some time we've committed. I'm really fucking goof that one. Hey, I'll hey. Out of the three of us who got an a in English language, me, but that's only because of Mr Enemy. I had to give him some secret and shakes into the desk, but that didn't even do the exam. That guy just turned up and was like, Hey, listen, he's really good at English. He's so good. Okay, should we have the answer please. Okay, so check tales is extinct. You won't believe it. It's something. It's texting your friends, loved ones or even your annoying co workers whilst you are taking a dump on the Porcelin throne. Shitting plus texting equals shexting. So it was a shit text, but not shits in the content, but you were doing it while shitting. I knew it. I prefer yours. Hmm Me to actually. Anyway, I'm a host now. Sorry, Alex, I've been feel like a weird, weird energy. Welcome to your host Fucker, and welcome to the weird energy we've created. Welcome to the Fundado motherfucker. Is Okay? And Yeah, I just I feel like it's a I'm just a bit of a Downer now. And do we need to reset? How do we reset the energy? No, hang on, before you dive in, let's let's get back up, to back up to one hundred. Let's just let's just take a minute. I know. Let's just say some funny words quickly. Okay, okay, butt bag, turnip, boob holes, one bat cream, soda, Penis, Soadypop, Geranium, anus, long wheelbase, Mercedes sprinter one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, Honda CG one, two five DMC Delirian one, but with a bullsack on the back of it, truck nuts on a delorean and army of furbies that won't start muttering the Lord's prayer. Oh, I know, hang on, before before we carry on just gently saying horrific things, I had a thought. It's not a segment, it's just something that I thought we can maybe give a go because we've had a first sponsor. Oh, who's that? It's just a small etcy page called hall and Ivy. Oh Yeah, sure, oh my God, just thought maybe we could just do that. Maybe we could just talk about that for a moment. As you've been liaison with the brand manager there, do you think maybe you could tell us some some sailing bits of information regarding hormone? Sure, for sure. R and IV on Etsy, Horan Ivy on instagram and Holl and it ivy on facebook. They make bespoke jewelry, bespoke furniture, they do rings, and when I say they I mean me. It's me, I'm whole, I'm the whole. And Hal and Ivy, the Ivy, is just a nice word that I thought look cooled and partial. My emblems sum me. Motherfucker, love it. Yeah, I have a look at my et. See, guys, I make cool shit. I don't want to step my own dick too hard or break an arm jaking myself off, but I've got relatively good at woodwork and steel work in a very short period of time and I'd like it if you just locked, just poke your face it. You guys should know from now from listening to this podcast, we're not always kind to each other. We do, we do say horrid things from time to time. I'm not going to just blow smoke up ashes ass. If he makes some shit stuff, I'd tell him. But no, guys, he does make some cool stuff. Please check it out. Just have a look just because it's nice to look at. It's fun, it's really Nice. Some of it is do that if you fancy. Can definitely just go over a look because it's cool and also makes Quinelso fattle things. The great thing about Ashley as well is that he's also very...

...much able to do like custom jobs, and so if you want him to make something bespoke hundred per son, I'm pretty certain it will be able to do that and so well. You can do it. Actually can make what it will just do thing. Nuclear reactors. He can do them. I make you a new kidney for your for your dying cat. I've got it. Just fucking DM me. That's not true. If it's made of if it's made of wood or steel or copper or brass, I'm your man. But organs wise, I think Alex is probably the guy to go to. I can sort you some shit. I know a guy who knows a guy. Cool. Is that the energy reset? If we've done it and we feeling were back in the room filling good in the podcast. Feelings coming in very quickly. I just want to say thank you for that, because that was really wholesome. You Sweet Boys, get fucked, you silly Dick. Take it away to ant, you sloth can so maybe, Sava, it's all you ready? Boy, back in the room. Okay. Basically, what I wanted to do my segment on today was a couple of my friends, Alex you included, have recently gotten or been for new jobs. Gone to interview, yes, and been to new jobs, and I was hopeful that we could come up with sort of like a game plan for pretty much anybody to listen to and immediately know how to handle a job interview. Maybe we could also, just for the listeners benefit, also throw out some, you know, trial questions, some mock interview questions to give them an idea of what might come up, you know, just a general chitchat about how to manage the process. This is a really consumer centric episode of the thirty three percent majority, because this is just like a mean guide for any prospective job candidates. Just listen to this seg and we'll teach everything you need to know and you will get the job, guaranteed it or messages and will refund you a year's wage of that job. No, that's not true. disclaimer. That is the truth. We are that confident you will get this job and that's what you need to that's how you that's how you need to open it. That's how you need to open every job interview. Is sit down and go I have this job now, wishful thing, current self fulfilling profits. Now I have. Sorry, boss, is this going to take too much time? I've got to get the Richardson account finalized by lunch. And then you walk out immediately and pick a desk Oh, I've got really good idea. You just buy like a name badge for that company on, make one and you just start work. Don't even go to the fucking interview. Just start working. Just go in, just sit down. Yeah, walk into the office, sit down at a computer. Yes, but key point to sell it, you've got to arrange the interview. Yes, you've got a book a time and then at the same time you've got to, you know, sneak in with your name Badge, sit down and then when your boss goes hey, hang on, Rebecca, what are you doing here? You never showed up to my interview. You Go Bo. So you oh, you feeling all right? Can Someone? Can we have? Sorry, can we have some water over? I don't think Jeremy Bossman, is feeling too well right now. Maybe suffering with memory loss because he's just forgotten about my very good interview that I had with him moments ago. Worry off of me his job. So it's so so a Jedi mind trick. Okay, it's a heist hack, and that's how climb that corporate ladder. I think what you should do is walk into the interview room, refuse outright to sit down in me take a seat. No, thank you, I'd rather stand. No, not even that, just no, no, Graham. Yeah, so, yeah, you, yeah, you stand up. Now we're all on the same level. You stand up, then you pick up their chair and you stuck it on top of yours and then you sit on man, Alex, no, I was drinking this. Introduce on my terms, Jeremy, why do you think I'm good for this job? Now you bringing you're bringing a booster seat, just so you could be a little toad. Just put it down the chair really slowly and I contact the wholes your bag, you buckle in and you go. Safety is my number one priority. Got A crash album before they even have a chance to begin their sort of pre introductory speel, they even have a chance to introduce themselves. Whack out a note pad really, really loud, like make it so that like they're there blown away by the fact that you're being so ballsy, and then say, right, your name is, and then write that down. Whatever they say, no, and then you look at the other person. What's your name? Okay, and why do you think that I should join your company? I'd love that. But a key point to that is if a standard notebook is like a five size and a big note bad a for you need to pull out an a one size notepad. It needs to be bigger than the desk. You need to like be able to push it towards them. Go Up, sorry to mind, just and then they've got to have it a little bit on. They' going to move back. Then you take notes.

Yes, they've got to help you hold it open. Yeah, can we? In fact, of me reraises for next week. I'll get the projector. I think a good intro is is as important as a good outro, and I think when you end it, no matter how it goes, you spit into your hand before the handshake. Yeah, but you know covid and everything, you're going to be wearing a masks. You've got to spit, you've got to hold you fucking look im in the eye. Just spit into your mask, a good looki. Into your mouth. Yeah, with gusts, and then go oop, whoa. No, no, you take your mask off, but you miss your hand on purpose and get their shoe, your mask off and you still spit into your mask, your mask in yeah, and same hand that you took the Mousk off with. You. Just go and then shake the hand with the mask on. So it's not your sligh, it's not. So I was not hitting you. It's the hand. It's a deal. Then as and then, as you're leaving, what you do is you screw out on your razor scooter. By the way, also very important that you've got to take your razor scooter's it's and then very you've failed. And then jump on it, but not the kind of jump whether wheels leave the ground, just the bit where you jump and the scooters listen to it. You get the scooter doesn't you've got to do that. You've got to do a tailway on arrival, M and don't hit your ankles. And as as you're leaving and scooting through the office, you just lead it. Look back over your shot. You'll hear from US have your people talking about people. You Point, you your one handed scooting. You look back, you point. I'll see you on Monday. I see you motherfuckers Monday. Baby. You. You sit down and you start going through some questions and they feel you out and you feel them out and it's going really well. You like the sound of the company. You know they're young, they're coming up. Things are changing very quickly. It's a very agile company, very very proactive as opposed to reactive, and they're like in you you've got the relevant experience and you know. You get to the very important question. Is the salary negotiable? And then you start working down. So you have agreed a criminally low wage. I will work in one pound per hour and no more. Then you can get away that right. If use everything, you can get away with anything, but cut JOE. Rebecca, you were late to work today and you go, Yep, I called police. You are employing me, Lyre they go. Now we've gone through interview scenario. Shall we go through how to answer some certain interview questions? And Alex, I am was it? So is this a role play? Well, I immediately have one in mind and I know what your answer would be. And so the if the question were Mr Springthorpe, could you please describe to us and your greatest weakness? You would say nothing, because I'm capable of eating nuclear reactors. Right. Well, first of all, I would have asked if I'm a lot of VAP in here. You Forgotten? Okay, can I have open here, and then, when they say no, do it anyways. Carry on, no, tells. Put the Big Vape on the desk and just kind of get a fine and then just pull out a very little secrets. Now just just turn the omes down. Turn the omes down so that you're ripping tiny little clouds, turn little whispea clouds, little perfectly formed Nimbus clouds. Hi, Alex, very good luck on your interview. And then he dissipates the supposed the room. Alex, I'm sorry, but did you did it? A sentient cloud just come out with your vapor pen? How I am dedicated to results, to getting resource England player, having results, and what I wanted there was a sentient cloud to come out of my vaporig and so it happened. And if you would like me to elevate this company from here and you can't see it's an audio podcast, but my hand is very low right now, all the way up to here, and now you still can't see it. It's audio podcast, but it's still just a little bit higher. It's like a quarter of an entire than it was initially, then I can do that for you. I can elevate your company from all the way down here to here. It's okay. So I'm just looking just looking at your CEB. It says, it says here, that you are, and at I'm speaking verbatim here, invincible. Nothing can stop me and all of your all of it, all of the targets. Used to set me a target. Just give me a task now and I will complete it. Nothing can stop me do a flip. And then I do a flip. This is fucking this is this is all. This... audio, and I know, tom you got to you got to keep going, because the interviewer there has just do a flip, and then I've done one. He's very impressed and now he's ready to test out the abilities. Just how farthers can go. Okay, wide, Hey, so, sorry, what. Sorry, social, sorry to it. Sorry to interrupt. What was your name again? Oh, my name, Mr My name is Mr View. My first name is inter can I call you Inter Inter? Why don't you you ask me to do something that affects you? Why don't you ask me to make you do a backflut throws them out of a window, can you? And that's six, fallen from my trap and now on the bus. Okay, cool, right, okay, you'll the interview in it. And do you know that only time I'm sorry, Tom just at on like a minute or two for your segment, just because we're probably have to all of that outs. It's probably just nonsense. Yeah, just all the audio nightmare. Yeah, you guys have any other like examples of questions to help the listeners out? I always like the what's your availability, because the correct answer is just all of it. But I would like to like, if I could do anything and I still got the job, I would be like, Hey, I'm only available every third Wednesday, but only if it's a five minutes. Available for sixteen minutes and thirty seven seconds brought on the seventeen minute. If I'm not at that building, I will implode with the force of a thousand Newton Stars. I like where this is going. Okay, okay, but that implies that the interviews gone well up to that point and they want to run it well. Second Stage interview. Yeah, of course. I've never had an interview and not got the job. A lot of interviews are. Can you tell me about a time when, and I think we need to see yeah, can write. We need to come up with when asked, you need to be able to answer. Can you tell me about a time when you've supported a colleague during a difficult time, and then you know easiest one. You guys can use this anecdote. You know, spin it whatever which way you want for, you know, your own personal life. Maybe just like help it helping a colleague. You know, get a come off in the toilet right quick yeah, I don't waste company time. It takes me thirty seven seconds to come. I'll come quicker than any of your current employees can shit, and the time it takes you to dumpy, I will have dumped my load all over that seat. You can't talk about coming in it unless it's for a come, perny come. That was a no, very good, Alex, very nice. Was it either of those things? Because I don't think so. Shut up. Yeah, yeah, fuck it, just like shut up. No, no co coming afterward to shut up. Ultimate comedy. It's the stratch up. Okay, I love that most. That's the joke. I'm here. I'm getting very tired of this. Okay, I meant tire is in like yeah, I took your bad thing and I spun it. As we grow the podcast exponentially, we are going to need to hire a fourth person, just for you know, just as an intern. What qualities are we going to be interested in in a Oh fast can make a member of the thirty three percent, patarity, colober. Actually, it can't be about come. Why? But thing is that. And so just to just obviously to stipulate, to stimulate sort of live on air, no, stip you eight that they are only able to be the remaining one percent of the podcast by right, like that's how much everybody can happen, relatively. Don't get excited. Yeah, they get to be the one percent minoritch. Yes, absolutely, in the contrary. That is stipulated. But what questions are we because it's going to be the three of US interviewing, because we are equal partners interviewing one like seventeen year old apprentice. What is going to be really important for us to know about them? Are they're gonna they've got to be funny. I we're actually being serious. I was going to say, like a just smaller cock than mine and you know, stop the bigger. So a girl, then a vagina. Have Her yes, with no cock. That's the only way Fu's me. This is Alex is. The worst thing about Alex is jokes. Is How proud is it? I only told jokes about myself laugh if anybody else here's the fut some funny that colds a side effect, isn't it? Like you're like, Hey, listen, bitches, this isn't for you. Every time somebody laughs at my jokes, I'm like, Hey, stop it, I'm not pet that. Shush, this isn't the free not for you. Okay. So what else? What else are we looking for... ask asking new be and I mean it would be in like actual legit like maybe just some editing skills. Yeah, we are we hiring them for? Because, like, we don't know if we want them to do editors, every bits and pieces. Are we having them fact checkers? Because we should get somebody that doesn't believe the earth is round. We should get somebody that's just wrong and they'll fact checkers. Oh, an idiot. Yeah, we should get an idiot that. Yeah, they've got to be a they've got me a flat earth there, anti VACs. I'd like them ideally to be racist. How do you know? How do you ask questions to confirm stupidity? To Confirm Stupidity, you just slide them a coloring in book and say just do your best and see what happens? Put put a pencil sharpener somewhere in the room and give them blunk crayons and just what? Yes, actually, that's wonderful. Huh? Do we just set challenges for them? Here's a rube's cube. You have an hour, but luck wouldn't be able to fucking do a rube's cub. Yeah, but that's right. We're the one thing. Yeah, it doesn't matter if you're able to do it. Yeah, suppose so. I've worked for people that definitely couldn't do my fucking job. Okay. Well, I feel like, if I'm honest with you, guys and energy, podcast, energy, right now I'm running about six percent. Slow down a bit. Huh MMM. We pepin quite early. I think we peeked when you said that right, tom do you remember earlier when you said the thing about the tire, that do you try to joke? Yeah, and yeah, and then you did a word crime to me. That every yeah, that happened. It's been like the downwards but of the podcast. Yeah, this has been everything since the first couple of jokes has been at the where on way and down. You know, we're calling down. How do we end the podcast? I mean this out this has been a podcast. It's been the thirty three percent majority. Thank you for sticking with us this long. If you've made it to this point in the podcast, we appreciate it. You know, give us a like on Instagram, tell your friends about it. It really does help us out a lot. Any shares on any of our social media networks would be wonderful. Thank you to our sponsors of this week, call and Ivy. Check them out on and our different voices saying the the places that you are all right, okay. Check it out on Instagram at hole and Ivy, on Facebook, Hall and Ivy, and guess what? Etsy Hall and Ivy, congratulations on the good naming conventions. Ashley, I've been your major nasty boy host, Tom Hutchinson. I've been your major victim boy host, Alex Spring thought. I've been your passive, patient witness host, Ashley Hall. Thank you for listening. See you next week. Bye, bye, bye. It gets me every fucking time.

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