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The 33% Majority

Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Ep. 2 - Levels, Laws and Lewd Photos


Welcome to the 2nd episode of The 33% Majority.

The three of us wanted to thank you all for your listenership, your follows, and your feedback after the pilot episode! 

In this week’s episode, your three idiot friends (Alex, Ash and Tom) will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing video game development (of the fictional variety), the stark (and unquestionable) difference between morality and legality, and why OnlyFans should be treated as a legitimate and respectable employment avenue (respectively).

There might even be a new game in ‘Tommy’s Game Time’.

Men can't whank with one and and point with the other. That's not how that's not how. Life is an amazing analogy. Hey, and welcome to the second episode of the thirty three percent majority. This is a talk show where you'll find three friends each fighting for their fifteen minutes of fame. I'm your host, the main and proper host, Tom Hutchinson. I'll correct you there. I'm the host, the only, the true, the one and only, Ashley Hall. No, I think you'll find I'm the host, Alex Springthorpe. Before we begin, just a massive thank you to everyone who listened, followed, shared and got in touch off the back of episode one. Thank you all so much. It's been great reading everything and actually seeing people listen to this weird thing we do. It does mean the world. So, yeah, massive thank you from me as well, and hopefully we can carry on with this with your support and yeah, it just means a lot. So thank you, guys. It's super nice now that complete strangers are listening to our conversations and maybe keeping a little part of them rent free in their heads. It's something we've been worked up in for a while and it's just it's awesome seeing it all come together. So yeah, big thanks from all of us. After today's episode, please, everybody head over to our instagram on facebook, which is at the thirty three percent majority, and just let us know what you think, any suggestions, any feedback at all, please. We Beg with that. I will jump straight in, Tom we spent many hours in our youth playing call of duties, black OPS, zombies. Yes, yes, yes, love it. What a game. And Ashley, Ashley, word on the street is you're pretty tight with that Lord shacks from Destiny Land. I love dustiny too. I think it's such a good game. Absolutely. See, I've been thinking about making and video game of my very own and I think with your help, you can. You can help me outcause I'm just missing a couple of little bits here. So I thought we could maybe workshops and just to all I miss you bits. He's got a development team and missing the plot, the characters and any and all design elements. So will you guys like card and there's there's there's no plots of that. Now that's a joke. That's a Joe. There's part. Any any card fan boys out there? I didn't mean that. There's I'm sure there's part Lorgal law. There was quite a lot of plot to the Second World War, which was covered extensively in a very recent call of duty. Listen, the Second World War dead plot. I don't mean not even anybody listening. Big respect to veterans and whatnot. Like a movie. If it's a dead plot, I ain't watching it a second time. I'm definitely not doing a second Second World War. I think if you did, you'd have to call it Third World War and I don't think the marketing team would be nearly as I hate it already. I'm not doing it. So video game, can you got? Can we workshop a plot, please up. Okay, actually we have a game. Do we have like an antagonist? Are you the antagonist? Because if you're the antagonist, that sets us a I think it loosely based off me, a slightly more rogueish character. He's definitely in better shape than me, very good at Parkour, good jumps, excellent sports. Plus three to all athletics. Maybe it could be a spin on our little podcast in the sense that you know, we've been doing this for like thirty years or thirty three years and like we're property and Alex, you go rogue and ash and I get I don't fucking know this is. We could be the bad guys talk now did I like what this is going? So Alex is roguish presenter number one and we are not as roadish. If you imagine us like the Matrix. Mr Smith, Alex, you're I'm going to get that because you're a fucking toddler's never seen a film. will be like agents, don't know that one, and we'll just be like trying to trying to take away Alex has roguish podcast personality and make him, make him talk like a robot and only discussed the weather, you know, subjects that are just arbitrary and have a very little meaning. Unlike the dicks, I can conversation we always have. We want him to talk about the weather, how good the government is and how great it is that we are all living in this lovely capitalist system. We have the capitalist simulation. I think you've got a really important in any video game. I demonstrate really well in grand theft autos five installation. The the prolog intro section is got to be a great way to introduce mechanics. Some action really draw the audience in. So I think we're sat down. We're recording episode four thousand nine hundred and eighty six, and and Ashley, you say something and it robs me up just in all of the wrong way. Nights like ry, it does, it does, unlike the players there. And it's like four options of speech and you've got a pread no matter what your press it's overridden by me going no, you're wrong and I won't have this any longer and unplug my microphone. And then that's where you start, and it's like the Yather CJ and grand theft, or when it's like, Oh shit, here we go again. We'll have you like unplugging your mic and then you'll step out from your desk. She mere at desk. I haven't seen your situation,...

...but yeah, you step out from your desk and then that's when they're the third person camera over the shoulder, kind of zooms out from you, shows the back of your hair, yeah, shows you standing up and you walk out of the door, see the squirrel in your back garden and that's where the game starts and it's like it's a survival third person open world game where essentially I go about this this massive world and I'm collecting all of the artifacts needed to start my own rival podcast. The one hundred percent majority. It's just it's just life. It's like a really bad video game because you've just got to like go mic shopping and started in studding. And I know it's like this is this is episode four thousand nine hundred whatever. It's a dystopian future. None of these things exist anymore. There's been several apocolar apocalypse is. So I've got to go around that I'm trying to find, you know, in the year two thousand, one hundred and eleven, I'm going out and I'm trying to find a blue Yetti and, oh my God, who's got old style us be connect? Does nowadays? Nobody does, but it's all I know. Everything is synthetic biological cables, and you're like no, I don't want that bullshit plugged into me. I don't, as you could my foots. So, Alex, you said that it's going to be like sort of survival and open world based. So does that mean, like how much of your life and the survival based elements are we going to actually be focusing on, like you're obviously going to have done, and not right. Okay, you're walking through a desolate waste land and there's explosions and guns. There's war, but it's not mentioned at any point during the video game. It is all just like the check the checkpoint marker in the top left. All it says is got a find MSI GS seventy six qe to edit podcast on and that's it. And I'm just trying to find a laptop with so there's no sleeping, no eating. No, no, no, okay. So really you for emedimy survival based or really very video game me at all. Okay, I like it. No, it's just it's a really big map and the whole game is you've just got to walk along it. It's a really big MAC but the map. But the only important places are like tech shops and the office. You have to have a really you have a particular running with bad customer service and one of your options is to head but the guy behind the counter who's wearing like full mad Max Regalia, and I don't think that's mentioned at all. But like, okay, I'm really happy because we've got a plot, we've got a character. It's me, but podcast bad boy. I've broken bad in podcast land. What's the equivalent of that now out what is breaking bad podcast wise, I have to know. You just gone rogue from the platform. It's no longer podcasting. He's just putting people into corners and conversing at them, but talking at the it's when you're ninety percent of the way through editing a very, very good episode and an audacity does that thing where it is audacity and it breaks into pieces. That's what breaking bad is. Naming your application or dacity is brave. It's like calling a kid Jesus, isn't it? You've set some real fucking high expectations. Hi, this is my software. That's called audacity. I can't believe the what's the word? Terrible joke. Terrible joke where I can't here coming of the word, is it? Could it be the nerve there, the gumption, the gall the goal, or maybe on? I can't believe the Windows Media Player. I can't leave you. Tube mixer isn't doing this all for me. This is, I'm sure is. It's the instagram live edit thing. You know, whether they like you can put a filter over it, but it's a vocal filter, so you just sound like invadersim what I'm going to do in post as she is. I'm going to find out firstly who that is and then get all sorts of plugins, bit bits and bites to garble your voice in Alex is going to get so many fucking computer viruses. If you did, if you got on the Internet and type in like voice change, I guarantee like eighty percent of them just want you day a birth your credit card detail was it's not hot singles in your it's it's hot audio quality in your area. To USB mini this way. And that's it, because I got to get this podcast released. Did you do? We have like an episode where you have to fight an exact from a company because you want to use their platform. Yeah, like one of the final bosses is big daddy bezoss and he's like Amazon, are going to show your podcast unless you can beat me in hand to hand combat. But no, I don't think it is hand to hand combat. I think it's just it's almost like a strategy game at this point and you're you're taught in like you're negotiating with the BEASL boss your you've got to choose the right inputs, you've got a used persuasive argument. You've actually got to in real life create and then scan in a powerpoint presentation to show to bees us. You've got to deliver it well. You've got to be able to demonstrate good return on investment. You've got like the little paper clip in the corner. Would you like help? Yes, I think I would. I remember that clippy got a...

...lot of hate, but I've seen fan out of clippy pregnant. So mix bag. That's the rule. That rule. Thirty four. You're going to fight, you're going to find. I still I don't like that one't you? Have you seen the CLIPPERT thing? I set the clip art, but that's kind of ironic, isn't it? You see the artwork of clippy? If, if any of you out there, I implore you to Google. If any of you have some, just let please email thh three PM at gmailcom ending clipper about paper clips being done in ways that you kind of imagine clippy's clipp he's not the bass. CLIPPI's actually in the in the screen, you know, like your little helper, you know, and Zelda. You had that little fairy that was like this way. It's just clippy going. Have you tried singles in your area and then it turns out he's actually the bad guy the end. That's the big twist, is that clippy was the bad guy all along. What would the name of my Vigia game be? Something really pretentious. PODCAST and adventure, the podcast outcast. That's really good, really good, going Robe Dot Wov, Alex Springthorpe into the audio verse. WHO. I like that it's got your name. Yeah, it's like a Tom clancy splinter cell game. I'm liking this. I think that sets itself up for fur like sequels. Yeah, they know I'd like. I'd like Tom to be a boss. Sorry, say that again. I want Tom to be a boss. I want you to be I don't want to be a boss, I want to be like the first I want to be the practice guy. You know, like that that one guard in assassins creed that's actually blind death. He stood on the edge of the building and Leeve walk up to him and he's like, Oh, I hope nobody pushes me to my death. I'll be like that, only I'll be stood and you'll have to grop me with a microphone cable. I've known Tom A lot longer than I've known you, Ashley. I think he knows more of my weaknesses. He'd get it here the better bus, because I I think your weaknesses are like a decent sandwich and a crap joke. I mean not even a decent Salwich, just meat and bread. I'm pretty happy. I know I could defeat you immediately if I just tied you to a chair and put a film on in front of you, and just any film. That isn't no, you wouldn't. You go force to finding Nemo, to finding Dory. But Tom What about the Geneva Convention? I'm going to make you watch two thousand and one of Space Odyssey and that will end you. I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that. I'm not even heard of that one. It sounds awful. It's a really why to standing cubic frit film. He's fucking yeah, I don't know who that one is either. He made a clockwork orange. Yeah, he did, and it was amazing. He made, well, yea, a clockwork orange. He didn't actually make a clock work our and she made a film called Clockwork Orange. Yeah, he didn't like I've got a heard of annoying whichest. Yeah, they're about the same level artistically. You know that it is that the one that, yeah, annoying, orange, clockwork orange. The're actually inspired by each other. It's hard to say which one came first. Did Philip pomon write that novel? Tom I for that poll meeting? I have no fucking clue. I've no idea. We need to be honest, someone who can check these things for us, because I kind of be like using my phone during this is prohibited. He probably is a lot. It is, I think. There when it comes to Stanley Kubrick, like I understand his his relevance when it comes to cinema, but I find majority of his films to be like very, very pretentious, like they're very high concept and, I don't know, like very very art sy, to a point where I don't get much enjoyment out of them, except for full metal jacket. That form for Metal Jacket is a film that I think everybody should watch, for metal jacket, the shining and space odyssey, all good films. He did make actors like refilm a lot of the scenes, like I think as a hundred twenty four times or hundred twenty two times. So I might had anyone listening check that before you believe me, because I'm probably wrong. But I'm Veru. Yeah, people remade DU takes like a hundred times or so, which I think is what I would do for us. I every time I joked. Just that's one of my mini games in inside of the video. That's one of the mini games. Though, was like, you've got to you've got to Redo a take, you've got to read it. You've only got so much storage on the hard drive and it's your fat. You're breaking out into a very competitive podcast market and it's just got to be bang on. So it's me just constantly going hey and welcome to the day. Three perce. Fuck, I've got it. I've got to get it right, because I just keep goofing it up. And that's when we learned there's a redemption arc, big redemption art where I've I've just got to try and worm my way back into your lives, guys, because without you, although I am one hundred,...

...really I'm zero. That's so, that's the that's the message. At the end of the game, the screen goes dark and you just left sat the look and your reflection in the TV thinking Jesus Fuck. But it's like, lady that was on this that that message comes up literally you're just walking along along highway and you've just as the same recycled like seventy recycled assets of a tumble weed in a Bush and your arms are just moving left, right, left, right, very leniy linearly. The legs don't move and you walk along this highway for forty minutes and then suddenly without them from third it's all shot from third person and your character is just t posing the whole way. In all fairs. You've actually actually described a really like actually, I think, something that we quite decent, because Hideo Kajima did that in a metal gear solid game where you had to climb up a ladder for like ten minutes and halfway up they played a really nice bit of music and although it sounds really disgustingly boring and it was the same reused animation and textures, it was actually quite touching. So I mean that ending to your video, instead of touching and heartwarming music, it would literally just be after forty minutes, I go no, I need them fade to black, credits roll. That's it. That's the game and it's like there is no satisfaction to it at all. People are going to hate it, but because they hate it, they love it ign ten out of ten. Welcome to my vigure of game. Will there be a message, like at the end, after the credits, that say literally just our three tames? Does it say like Alex Springbot will return or something like that? Ale think so brushes his hand over a dusty monitor and it's just pictures of me and you. That' say Mia, capitals, Dusty Monitor, a MI IA or capitals, I think. And I'm I'm the host now, but before I before I written the subject away from you and don't let you have your little video game, I'd like to let you know that I think that, from Tom's point of metal guest, as music, video game music is the purest form of music. It is only there to improve what you've already spent your money on. Nobody buys a game because of the soundtrack, but the soundtrack makes or breaks the game. Shadow the Colossus. The Soundtrack, Oh my giddy impeccable, impeccable, yeah, oblivion, Sky Rim. The soundtracks devastatingly good, really good. Hideo Kojim and name is it car coconut more, it's a track. Can't a bang it. It's an anthem. So now that I'm the host. I'd like to let you both know that my segment is going to be a little bit more, a little bit more touchy feely, because I think that we need to discuss people's inability to separate morality from legality. So we all agree there are some laws that universally makes sense. You know, I don't. Don't kill people. Yeah, that's a murder, isn't? Murdering isn't a good one. I don't know, ain't. Should see you're out of ten on trip advisor. Don't get murdered and don't murder if you can help it, really don't. Essentially, don't make people go me God right quick. That's that's the best way to think. Yeah, don't. Don't push them towards like a meeting that don't want to go to. So that's a really easy one, isn't it? That's that. And also it works with religion to so religion comes into law, and it probably shouldn't, but it does. So morality, religious morality, and law and legality, murder bad, okay, cool, but then you start getting onto gray areas, and this isn't a gray area, but it was two hundred years ago in slavery so we know morally that we did an age where slavery is disgusting and it always has been. But it's only in the last two and well less than two, last two hundred years. We can't honest. It's only in the last couple of generations that the morality of slavery has pushed us towards making it illegal. HMM, okay. Do we feel that there are any laws today in England? Because we don't have a I assume that we don't have a vast knowledge of laws abroad that aren't moral. And I'll start. I think making substances illegal, and I mean most substances by this, is wrong. It's not very cool. We're all adults and I think if you want to do last or shrooms or weed or any of the even I mean two, or to do certain degree every every substance band, is somebody else saying, well, I know better than you and I know that you shouldn't be allowed this because you won't be able to control how much you want it in the case of addictive drugs, or you won't be able to control the side effects. And the counter argument is if they were legal and research sched and available in the same way that paracetamol is overdoses would go down because you'd be shuit certain of what you were you know, in Bibing. You'd know that, Oh, this, this last is x y zed, and I know that my body is x y zed, so I can take this much before something goes wrong. Making things illegal, make some available on black markets where the quality can't be controlled. Tell me I'm wrong, give me a counter ide. Know, I fully agree with you on that and my but my basis on that would be if you were legalizing all drugs, it would have to be globally, because there are only certain climates where you can manufacture these drugs, and that's where I think the morality side of things comes in, because if... the UK, yeah, it's totally fine, yummy down this delicious cacine, it's been tested, we know what's in it, we know the right amount of dose for this, for you to have a good time, and it is socially acceptable, if it is being grown in an environment where there is dangers just present in terms of the manufacturing side of things and even to come back around onto like the slave labor side of things, where people are just trapped in this environment of manufacturing this drug, then I think that then becomes an issue. If it was legal everywhere. Yeah, be being made in labs and it would be you know, there would be cheek hip companies that are the ones that are making it, not slaves. Yeah, that'd be like competition laws in place. In the same way there is petrol. The issue with manufacturing things and a large scare is everywhere where there are drugs being manufactured legally, there's a black market for it, which means there is there's crime, there's violence. I mean even even in stuff like weed. Yeah, so in a lot of the forest in America, in Northern America, where there are that, it's not only think it's northern America. I'll do some I'll do some inducive research into that. But the other day I was listening to somebody talk about how there's all these weed grows in forest in America because you can't get them very easily. They have to carry everything by hand and they're growing their weed. And it started off, you know, kind of s s are will grow our own weed and we'll sell it, and it was hippies and people just chilling, have a little communes living, surviving off the land and growing your weed and selling it, and then quality starts to go up, so how much you can charge for it starts to go up. So it's no longer Oh, it's me and eight of my friends growing weed for, you know, a couple of hundred people that we all have met or no, and it starts being we grow thousands of tons of marijuana, we sell it, you know, in America to people we don't know. It's going x y zed, and then the government takes over and manufactures theirs. So you have to start as a hippie running a little growing place. You then have to start either up in your quality, lowing your price or growing more to make up for the difference. So you end up taking every patch of land and then you end up having squabbles with other people who have land in the area, all the violence. Suddenly you no longer a hippie. You're just involved in the capitalist regime and you are you're not just sticking it to the man, you are the man. You are yea, and yeah, that's the same thing. In any in anything produced gets bigger than certain size, you become the bad guy and it's a terrifying, sobering thought for anybody that makes anything or grows something or sells anything is that one day you'll be so big you won't love it anymore. But I think legalizing all the substances and allowing people to grow their own shit and make their own shit is good. But I'm aware that lots of people are fucking more UNs. So you'll have people trying to make their own meth where they blow themselves up. So it would need to be produced by government, which is also a problem because, as we all know, there's nothing more corrupt than large organization. Yeah, but I think, I think to be fair ash, though, when it comes to, like all substances, my personal opinion is that some drugs occur naturally and others are manufactured. Right. Most drug any fact, you even weed isn't people go out? Well, weeds a plant. Yeah, but opium starts off as a plant. True. True, but there's a lot less that goes into converting a marijuana plant into a big Doo be than there is to create cocaine or lst or whatever. Yeah, I suppose the point that I'm trying to make, though, is that the ones that are the most naturally occurring, you could argue, are in some ways a lot safer than alcohol, but we still consume alcohol and we understand that the risks in lost exactly, and then that would come into it. But I think my my sort of concern around you know, laws that are immoral is the in Amsterdam and a large number of states in America now marijuana is legal right you you can buy it from shops, it's taxed, it's controlled. You know, people understand the correct ways to buy it and therefore there's less black market dealing of marijuana. However, the flip side of it is is that anybody that was incarcerated for selling marijuana or a drug offense relating to marijuana has had their charges dropped and they've been released from prison. And so I think when you look at the UK in the you know, we are similar in a lot of ways to a lot of European countries. were similar in a lot of ways to America. Some not so good and some maybe they're better, but that's a different argument. But we still have a number of people that are probably in prison due to you know, America. Why? Thousands of people in prison from marijuana crimes, which I think exact fucking ridic imagine if you were in prison for possession or growing or dealing. And you can see now that there's people running businesses of it and... comes down a lot of people say that. I read some of the day where someone saying that it's racist as fuck, and I completely concur why is? I know that it's legal now and it wasn't then, but why are most of the people in prison for marijuana related crimes in America? Why most of them black? And why a lots of the people running businesses based around marijuana sale, usage and all the paraphern and it goes with it? Why are most of them White, legitimate businessman? Now, where are we getting these statistics from? Where are these these just wild assumptions. I will send you links to the thing that I read the other day, but I can't reme where it was cited. I just I just it sounded like you were off the cuffing and making making an example. Nothing. No, no, this, that's legit thing. I'll find the thing for it. Hang on, I mean to kind of come full circle on it, to come, yea, all the way back round to the start of the question of legality versus morality and kind of to tie in tax and everything. So, for example, a business sets up in the UK and they come up with an idea, for a very unique idea, and they provide a service. They set up a business in the Cayman Islands and essentially least the idea to the UK based company who make fifty billion pounds a year off of this idea. At the end of the year the owner of both companies sends an invoice from the Cayman Islands to the UK for the lease of that idea and it's fifty billion pounds. The UK based company has made no money. The company in the Cayman Islands is made fifty billion pounds where there are no tax laws. That is a legal process. You are able to do it. Morally, though, it's a massive gray area. Morally it's a huge gray area. How can you have well, it's open a gray area. It's it. You consider it wrong. Hoarding in any in any cases, holding is like being a billionaire is legal. That's fine, that's wonderful. People are starving to death. Being homeless is almost a crime. Look at the way that the world operates. If you're homeless, you're moved off from where you're sleeping, and I understand that it's it's considered unsightly. There's lots of science saying no, nobody languishing around in this area. Why is loitering a crime? Why can't I, standing an individuals stand where the fuck I want? I understand private property, I get that, but loitering in the streets is some bullshit property. It's homely. My taxes pay for that Shit. I'll stand there all year around if I want to. The living very fair. Speaking of taxes as well, one of the crazy things to me, I don't know which country is, but there is a country in the world that sends individuals who pay their taxes and actual breakdown, a break of that of what all of them tax money was spent on, and so then, when it comes to elections with their government, if they realize that, you know, there was a huge increase in military spending and a you know, a huge portion of their tax money was spent on, you know, armaments and whatever, all that kind of stuff. But there hasn't been a war for ages and there's no tensions, and so why are we doing that? It raises it gives people the ability to go, okay, well, maybe this other party who's promising to pump more of the tax payers money into, you know, education and into fixing, you know, problems regarding homelessness and stuff like that. You can make a more educated decision, whereas here in the UK we pay our tax matter. You know, we pay our taxes, they're just taken out of our out of our paychecks, and we have no clue what they're what that money is spent on, until we find out that the prime minister gave money to, you know, not the prime minister, I suppose. I think the closest we can get that that is at the end of the year I get a counsel tax statement about what my council tax will go on and the charge me twenty pounds extra from to take my bin away. It's not like I've taken wheels off it, it's it's still been I so messed up shit. I went and checked out. It's very quickly. Just just go back to the marijuana. More people are arrested that black than a white. So in America you are three point seven, three times more likely to be arrested from marijuana possession, dealing or intense to deal. Three foot seven, three more times, while likely a that's on ACLU DOT org. You have some very lads. I mean that. That figure, although horrific, doesn't surprise me because of that's doesn't it? That's the way that everybody knows that. That is just, unfortunately, the way things is and it is time for change. Absolutely with the whole black lives matter movement that I personally, and I think I can speak for all of us here, all three of us, a strong supporters of that. My my question exactly was your point was black people being incarcerated for marijuana related crimes, whereas the people distributing the marijuana legally and running shops and and profiting off it were Whye, that that was yeah, it was a point of reality. Wise it's hard as it's hard. Other isn't on trade? Yeah, absolutely.

It's hard for anyone in that trade to feel good about it while, ever, there are people languishing in prison for what they are doing legally. If you are the kind of person that runs a dispensary, good on you, first of all for getting in it to a ground level and beating the government to it, because government sanctioned bullshit. Shouldn't. Don't let the government own everything. Stop letting them run the monopoly on every company. Don't. Don't have them twisted with pharmaceuticals. Don't have them twisted with your morals. Your morality should come before legality. Legality is great, morality is more important. Understanding what is right and wrong as a human is better than understanding what is right as wrong as an organization, as an individual. On the point of legality, can we discuss whether on whether or not there's a correct way of saying morality? That's morality. What do you mean morality? Aren't like that. Morality, Morality Aster. You've said morality the entire time. Morality, morality. What I like? The one I'm gonna Miss the Oh, listen, you, Healen, but oh in the somebody wrote that way at the time. I'm going to put an oh there, and I didn't just skip that and put it in there for decoration. It's not like fucking like Ikea words sometimes, where it feels like they're throwing three vs in a w in there just to say they have. Yeah, I know you're you make a really good point, as wholly as wrongly. No disrespect to any beautiful Swedish people out there. Your language is incredible. It's just far too complex my meager brain to grab hold of. I've just just just looking as am I the host now I feel like you. Maybe I feel like now is your time to shine over hostile takeover. I'll still take Tom is big business and I'm your local trader and I'm being taken over. Tom Over to you the you know I'm occupying this podcast now. What I wanted to do to day was to discuss a weird thing that I've started to notice. It's about only fans. You know that that website for the nudies. I was speaking to a friend recently in regards to how they felt about, you know, having their partner post images on Instagram, just in sort of lingerie like, you know, not fully closed but not necessarily naked, and how they felt that it was maybe disrespectful, maybe a bunch of these different words, and they had reasons for not liking it, and I understand that opinions differ and I didn't want to jump down their throat, but it got me thinking about how people react to their partners wanting to make an only fans account and specifically sort of the argument around your boyfriend or girlfriend or your part your life partner, they are not property, and however they wish to do is is totally up to them. But in regards to sort of some statistics, sorry, just to start it all off, there are currently eighty five million users on only fans, so the people that log in and pay for various, you know, images or packages from from different creators. Yet people that post, and then there are a little over a million creators on the website, and how it really it really got me thinking about how men are very, very hypocritical, and I'm talking in generalities obviously. Yeah, absolutely, but for from the perspective of men, are super, super happy to access free pornography on multiple different websites as often as they see fits. Yep, but seem to get offended or upset at the idea of women or even their partners, profiting from that truth, that innate truth. That absolutely my my rebuttal on that would be if my partner wanted to post on only fans, I yeah, no, I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't that. I think in my in our relationship, it is a party to the two of us and to go outside of that in the physical space would beat I see that as almost as bad as going out of it in the digital realm. I would find it incredibly challenging if I suddenly found out that, like she was posting on Instagram, they like Nudi picts of her and UNDIES, for example, because, like, if we want to do a new sex thing, one of us just doesn't go and do it. We talked about it and go hey, true, yeah, of course there's a conversation to come. If she wants to put it in my butt, then okay, I'll consider it. Give have a chat with me. We'll talk about dimensions and girth and how much I think could go in my butt, but I'd want the conversation first. If you want to post on only fans, yes, maybe I have a bit of a chat about it. Yeah, okay, cool, I can understand that. I think that if I, as an individual, decided...

...that my voice is quite nice and I like my sense of humor and I think my friends of a nice voice is a nice sense of humor, we should share that with the world. I'm going to start a podcast. is No different to my partner deciding, you know, I look fucking gorgeous, aren't great? Naked, I look gorgeous. I'm going to get it out there. Want to share it with the world. Is Artwork. That is my body. I've worked hard to look how I do, or in this case, and exists purely in beauty. If she decided, okay, I want to start on only fans, I I might as well make some profit off of having this. Fair enough. That's that's not my decision to make. But that wouldn't play on any of your own insecurities. No, but yeah, but that's exactly what there are. They're my insecurities and it's my responsibility, is an adult, to own them, you know, as much as possible. I don't stop other people walking around shirtless because I don't look great without shirt on. Not that that's what I'm equivalent it's not the equivalent, obviously, but from my point of view, I couldn't get in the way of of my partner doing that because it's I'm not time, I'm that interesting because, yeah, in a vacuum, of course. Yeah, I understand you want to be supportive of that. I think in practice you would really struggle with that. So here's the way I would look at it. Right, my partner is female, right, and so, through just process of deduction understanding, anatomy, you guys and everybody in the world can pretty much jumped to the conclusion that she has a specific set of Genitalia, right, and by everyone I mean her friends, my friends and her family. My family. Everybody knows that, right. It's not a secret. One's under people's clothes, right. So at that point, to me it's a case of well, what would your family think if you posted on only fans? They would probably think that that's what you had under your close the whole time and it's just now visible in it in a way. And then, on top of that, my opinion, my opinion is also that Alex, from the perspective of She's my partner and you know, as part of our relationship we do private stuff in our bedroom and yeah, you're right, it's all there's a it's consensual. Will we do? We know, we have discussions all this kind of stuff. But at the same time, like my foot, the idea of my friends or family or anyone seeing that from my perspective, it's like just confirming what they would have known anyway. Does a woman have okay, that's be any different for it, for example, then to take your yeah, to take your example and kind of run with it. Is there any difference whatsoever between your partner posting pictures to the masses, where there is a paygate in place, with only fans, versus her sending naked pictures directly to me? So he's the difference, right, and I that's all about intention, there, wasn't it? Yes, I totally get what you mean. So here's the thing, right. So if she sending them directly to you, obviously that that becomes, you know, infidelity and that whatever, whereas when you're posting on only fans, it's much in the same way like posting on Instagram, apart from the fact that there's a paygate, you're not. Your intent with instagram or with only fans is to display something, right, that can be an idea or, in the case of only fans, your body. But so I think that, yeah, there is a huge difference between sending it to somebody directly and then posting it on only fans, because if you were to go and subscribe to, let's say, my partner had an only fans and you were to subscribe to that, you are still only able to view that. You know, you can do what you like with the pictures, but that's as far as it goes. If you see what I mean, you get the image, you can look at it right there's no innate sort of infidelity or cheating going on by you just being able to see it, whereas if it was sent directly to you, then that becomes a much yet a different do you think it's quite a nuanced issue and kind of Agreez yeah, definitely. The lines. The lines vary from relationship to relationship because, like, I'm not, I don't think I'm speaking on my partner's behalf here, but like that would go both ways. If, for whatever reason, there was a hosting fun platform where I could post picts of my mind naked bod or me and your sexiest done's the junk that I do so inside of my trunk, and she found out that I was doing that or we hadn't spoken about it or something like that, that would be an issue because we talked about fucking everything, just in relationships in general. She consults me several times just that on like buying certain types of pastor source like where we talked about everything, and to suddenly find out that that was happening in the background without there being a conversation that would be an issue, but that's just for our relationship dynamic. If the two of... are quite happy with them doing that, fair enough, I guess. If that's your relationship, then that that's what works for you. Different strokes for different that people. That's the thing past. As for courses, it's all about intent. If you are ifference is my partner decided to make it only fans with the intention of making money off of being beautiful, I wouldn't be bothered by that. If, however, she decided I want to make I want to make money and also I want to I want to do private videos for people. That would be different for me, because the in Higer lays is my basy for an individual, you know, being sexy for the masses. For Money? Hell, yeah, for profit. Are you kidding me? If you if somebody said to me, Hey, man, you want to get naked, will pay you, you know, x amount of money a month. It wouldn't have to be a lot, by the way. So listeners, let me know if, when only fans, it's what you want. I just think that given the opportunity to make money off of something that you're born with, take it. Take that opportunity and why not? It's hard it, I know. It's hard not to begrudge your partners or women, you know, but understand that while ever there are people willing to purchase something, there has to be people willing to sell it. It's the same with proper to shout, that's an interesting same with only fans. Yeah, somebody's buying it. You have no right to shame, you know. Yeah, it all comes from this place. If you watch pawn or you buy pawn or you masterbate to pawn or you have taken part in anything like that, you are not allowed to point your finger only fans girls and say that is wrong. You're not. Other reason the no place exist is because of the demand. Yet men can't whank with one and and point with the other. That's not how it that's not how life is. Meat and then say you've veged terran. No, that's you know what. That that's totally it, isn't it? And Alex, yeah, you know, I will agree with your point fully. Openness and honesty within a relationship. Yeah, absolutely, one hundred percent key and for you know, decisions like that, they are big decisions. And Yeah, I would probably feel her, or at least confused at not know, not being told about it. But yeah, at the same time, yeah, I feel as though it's categorically wrong to point your fingers at someone who is capitalizing on a market that predominantly men have created. You know, there are men purchasing it and there are men watching it for free. That ged it. That's the only reason like it exists, the other cause. We are the cause. So we can't turn our noses at the people that cater to and supply that. Absolutely. You know, and I do like in some way that you're partner doing it makes you feel insecure. You have to address that problem within yourself. You have to have that with with yourself. Why do I feel like I have the right to say who can and can't see my partner's body? And it's all about intention to. Of course don't. I nobody expects it's weird because I hard disagree on it. I'm more than happy to kind of hold my hands up and say maybe it's just I have a real fragile you know, I am fragile masculinity personified oft yeah, I do have a problem with that. I would have a problem with people being able to very easily access picks of my fielce on the basis that that's maybe it is just because that's the dynamic of our relationship. Yeah, potentially. Yeah, it's all individual based. I'm very much, like, of the opinion that relationship should be collaborative, right, you know about it's two people that exist, want to exist together and exist alongside each other, you know it for a duration of time, right. You both want to grow individually and you want to be present whilst the other one is growing, to celebrate, you know, that growth or the experiences, those life, life goals and whatever. And I think that personally, as I said beforehand, people know my girlfriend's got tears right, this is no way. I didn't. Now it's shocked, Michael, you can't see it. So, but I'm throwing things around my office right now, outsaged. But so, from that perspective, like, I'm of the opinion that if she's gonna make good money from an industry that exists because of men and other men are going to look at it, then that's okay. Gives them no right to, you know, have intercourse with her. It gives them no right to do anything more than look at those pictures. Absolutely. And so woman showing her body is not consent. Porn stars, you fucking you say yes or no. You don't see porn stars in the street and think, yeah, I can have sex with her because she said on camera that couple of times. Bullshit, bullshit, my friend. It's all about context, timing and concern yeah, and so from that perspective I just wouldn't have a huge problem with it personally, and I bet I do agree Alex, though, that you know, you need to have that talk with your partner before you do anything. I mean relationships, relationships between two people are it's a very beautiful and very private thing for the most part, and those relationships that are Peopleho are polyamorous or people who are own open relationships.

The thing with it is, as a people go, oh well, I don't see how polyamor would work. I don't see an openership work. I don't see how my girlfriend can have an only fans x y zed. There's nothing wrong with that. You're a traditional human being. You've a product of the world you're raised in. Yeah, and if you're if you're willing to have the conversation, yeah, you'll say you're missing something. Just decides she wants to open up only ones, or your partner just decide they want to open up on any fans and they say to you, Hey, look, how do you feel about this? Is this a deal breaker? And if it is, why? You know, what can we what can we talk about? Have that discussion are there are legitimate reasons why I could see it being a problem in a relationship. I can see why jealousy would come into it. I can see why. I say, oh well, you'll, bedroom time is for me and for you and it's our thing together. That's that's completely understandable. No one can take that away from you. Certainly we've all been with, I mean you, you've been with partners where you know you've had that connection. Or I'm very lucky in that I'm with my partner who have that connection with who I feel like we look after each other and we're very open with each other, and I'm sure you guys feel the same with your partners. You look after each other, you're very with each other. If you if your partner something decides, you know what, I'm beautiful and I will feel more beautiful and I'll feel better and I'll be only a good living showing off my body to the world. That's that's their call, but you have to have the discussion. It's the same with open relationships. You have to it works if you talk about it. You raise an interesting point with polyamory, because of course that dynamic works because those two consenting adults have a conversation and they've decided. Yet know this would work for me. There are also relationships where it just wouldn't at all, of course, and I do think that mindset and that conversation does still apply to this topic as well. Yeah, you can see why those two are related. So I suppose to spin maybe my initial point somewhat. I can understand what. I subscribe to your only fans toime. Yes, it as where I'll send your lan going for. That's what was going for. And now my initial point was mate was maybe maybe I skewed it slightly. I can understand why. You know in different relationships that there may be problems. It may not work for everybody, of course. I suppose. The fact of the matter is is that I don't think it's right for people to turn their noises up and point fingers at women who make a living from only fans. I think that's kindle. I agree wrong, whether or not in your relationship, it would work or not. You know, that's obviously down to the the specificity and the individuality of your relationship, right, and that's also one side. Yeah, yeah, exactly. But having said that, I feel as though it is definitely categorically wrong to look at a girl who makes money from an industry that exists and say that that's a bad thing. We are all human, we all have biological bodies, and every other animal in the Animal Kingdom on this planet is always naked, right, so we're only animals as well, and so if they want to make money from doing what every other mammal and creature on the planet does, puck. Yeah, go for it, I think it's great. Why not? A good point to round off on. Yeah, Alex, as probably a good place around it off. I was wondering if you guys maybe, just to finish off the show, wanted to play a new game that I come up with. I love a Tommy Game. No, I didn't like the last game. You made fools of me. Okay, okay, right, okay, so that was a game that your expense. Okay, this game is a game that all three of us can play together. The name of the game is urban. What the Frick? Chinnery? Ha Ha, fucking no, I'm impressed. Ye. So essentially what's going to happen is it's like that old game show bolder dash or the game that you play fictionary. Essentially, I'm going to give you a word from the urban dictionary. Might be a word, might be a statement. I haven't seen the definition for any of these. I've made sure not to look at them. I'm going to give you the word, we're going to try and come up with what we think might be the definition and then I will feel what it is and we'll just have a jolly old time, shall we? Absolutely I like this. Yep, I like cool Tommy. So the first and the first word I've got here is Char resarding. So that's care. Is a I'm going to tap out because I already know the answer to this one. God Damn it. Right, okay, well, it's I thing. I think. Yeah, Chariz ARD is and Pokemon, dragonman. Yeah, and the Dragon, from what I know of Jaraz Ard, his the end of his tail is on fire, I think. Yep, right, okay, and I think we've only seen is fire. No, I think what I think is more simple than that. I think it is toilet paper down the back of the trousers light it on fire. I think it's that. Okay, it's a good prank, fun for the whole family. I'M gonna go. I'M gonna go. Yeah, sort of a different way. I think it's either penis fire or maybe painting some part...

...of your body whilst having sex. That that's what I'm thinking. What makes you think it would be that? Pay because CHARD's oranges. Now you could paint yourself are instead sexy. I'm into it. Yeah, just and it's like orange in. Let's look orange, orange, people, they get me going. When trub was elected, I couldn't stand up. Let's go have some tangerine time. I don't think yeah, it would be okay. Well, as if you know what it is, do you want to you want to enlighten us? I'd like to say that it's where you set fire to your girlfriend's pubes and you come on it to put it out. Oh dear right. Okay, a Ashley, I don't like the words that you've said, I'll be honest. Wow, you didn't yourself, not CHARRAS IDA, you didn't do that to yourself. Okay, so should we maybe go for? Should we go for one more before we before we wrap things up? Or is that actually the definition? Is that what it is? Yet no, Ashwill, as nail on the head. Absolutely yes, fucking smart, fiery pubes extinguished by yes, Ashton. I don't think that's what intelligence is. What do you mean? When my when my job interview happens for any job, the first thing I do is I go I have a really good knowledge of urban dictionary. Test me and they go what's Charazada? And I say give me a lighter and ten minutes we'll find out. Give me a lighter and you, Mrs Pubes, I'll show you just the good stop the message. You can keeper good career. Do we want another one time? Sell you one more. Let's have one more go. I picked these at random. So the next one is Irish handcuffs. I don't know what this one is. Irish handcuffs, Irish hand I don't want to sound like slightly racially insensitive, but do you have to be drunk for it? Yeah, I I'm you don't know. Yeah, I'm as in the dark. I think Irish handcuffing is you like a multipack of Guinness. You know, you know the plastic circles that turtles always killed themselves on? Yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, you get those and you put the hands in and and that's that's the Irish cuff. Is Guinness Turtle Mannis Gonnis Turtle murdering device. That's that's actually what my band's called Guinness Turtle murdering device. See, I wonder whether it's not just like green handcuffs. Maybe that might be. Again, is I feel that we're going to innocent, I think. Is it when your is it when you put your fists inside? About just who? Irish people? You Double Fist down that to Irish people? Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I can't side and answer the door. Earlier I was I was Irish handcuffed and then you look upstairs it's just me double fisting to people. Okay, so we find out what it actually is, because many feeling that. Yeah, I feel like that might be it. Let's have a look. So it was not any of the ones we done. Said, Alex, you with I'm shocked my core really if you were the closest. Yeah, it's when a person is carrying an alcoholic beverage in both hands at the same time. I'm talking jewel wielding. Oh, so they can't do anything. It's that kind of handcuffed, hand curved. Yeah, okay, that that good. I feel like the first one set us up there. Now I went straight to the fistic and I feel really sick. But I've forgot. I feel a bit ill, feel a bit crazy. With urban dictionary, anything to do with jeers or fisting is always going to be pretty Ding Dang close. Yeah, exactly. You're going to be close to the mark with it, aren't you? Because that's what majority of the bloody website is. But how did we enjoy the game, guys? I loved it. If we got any more? Yeah, it's there. One more. I feel like we could squeeze one in, said the Irish handcuff boy. I feel like I can squee these one in. Just what would it sound like to clap with? What would tea people? No, no, no, no, we just you guys run into each other and I'll move my arms and that's what it'll sound like. It's a nice chariot, isn't it? Where you're being pulled by two people, you're being fisted, you know, you're holding your hands in their asses and you're on a skateboard and they're running and it's a it's a fisting chariot. HMM, okay, I hate that. Anyway, moving into that. Yeah, I hate it substantially. Moving on to the last one. So I picked this one because urban dictionary is a, you know, an international website, so it's not going to be just UK slang terms. So I picked this one because it sounds a lot like a UK s lang term, but I feel like it's probably not. The word isn't Goby, Goby, and obviously we would think that gobby means somebody that's just mouthing. I think. I don't called Gobby when I was younger. Is this an Australian one? Just asking for a friend? Is this Australia? Yeah, I don't know. I think it's the Australian one. What means I'm to do a Fallacio to someone, which I don't understand if it is, because imagine you go up and going all let's go upstairs, I'll give you a gobby. No thanks. I would give you as got beat on the back of the servough. It's early Har though. I'm going to give you a gobby behind the server. Good girl, I've got me mackers and I'm wearing my thongs. Well, you guys were...

...both. Yeah, you guys both meant yeah, nailed it. It's an Australian slang term meaning when a bloke is filated by a Sheila. Yes, that, and then I feel like that's a bit fucking stereotype. And what? Well, I can't I give Alex a Goby. Is it something else if it's a guy doing it? Maybe? Maybe. I think the identity issue there is that you can also be a Sheila Ashley. Now, thank you. Okay, cool, you can be a you can be the Sheila all the bloke, whichever you fancy. It's yeah, it's non specific, but hey, that was that was my little game. I loved it. Thank you. I got to be a shooler like thank you, Tom I like game time with Tommy. Maybe we can revisit absolutely. We've got top one injured, we've got burn. What the frictionary? So yeah, we I feel like, even though we talked about double fisting and gobbies, what the frictionary is still the most offensive thing to come out of this. HMM, I didn't like it. I don't know about that. You guys did talk about clapping your hands whilst being elbow deep inside friends. Yeah, exactly. So I don't know about that one. I don't know about that one, but anyway, we're all raising some points here, so to round off them, thank you all again so much for joining us. Like I said, please get at US on social media at the thirty three percent majority. Let us know your thoughts, please, audience suggestions for segments and bits games, anything like that. Just let us know. We'd love it and remember always chary as I'd responsible right. We'll see you later, guys. It's been a pleasure. Thank everyone for listening. Thank you for listening. Have a lovely day. Goodbye. Bye.

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